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Google Drive has been very prevalent and has made a noteworthy sway on the engineering market. Nonetheless, this functional device can come convenient if just you know how to utilize it. Using a space of 100gb with a charge of $5/month on top of the profit of 25gb extra space is something to be enchanted about. This has a go at very nearly half the charge of Dropbox for 100gb space. There are unbiased gathering additional items that you can use and administrations that you can exploit. Gave us a chance to figure out how: 

The Google Chrome application, Google Slides is yet an alternate Chrome application that empowers tackling joint ventures and joint efforts identified with PPT presentations. Making presentations continuously without limiting the measure of your presentation is yet an alternate playing point of this application. 

You are given an entire mixed bag of topics and livelinesss to make great business presentations. Instruments like altering and leaving remarks cuts the slack of message strings and interminable discussion. Along  these  lines you can see, include and propose in like manner. The best part is that you require not safeguard it physically as every time a change is made, it is immediately spared progressively. 

It is not a clever thought to leave your private indexes online on a remote server. You have to be familiar with the security issues that you may experience. Be that as it may, you still need to utilize the cloud for major space and reinforcement administrations. Using the Boxcryptor application on your Windows desktop empowers in making a robotized scrambled organizer. This aides in encoding your records that are lying on your Google Drive envelope. 

With the Boxcryptor application, you can encode envelopes and documents as contrasted with different administrations that just enactment as compartments. First and foremost, you have to make an envelope and bolt it with a secret key. At that point basically movable records into that envelope. When you are carried out, the Boxcryptor encodes it. In the event that you need to gain entrance to your records in the envelope, you have to start the application, head off to your organizer and enter the watchword.. 

In the event of security rupture or illegitimate access to your organizer, the client will get a slip message. All your document substance are well avoided sight while the index name and organization are obvious. The main thing to remember is that you can just enter your watchword once; you don't get an opportunity to reset it. You have to be watchful while making your secret word or your documents will be distant without end. 

IFTTT is a free online administration (If This Then That) that comes convenient via robotizing your undertakings in the Google Drive

IFTTT's UI is simple on the grounds that it holds mechanizations or formulas made by clients. These could be adjusted consistent with your prerequisites. You can effortlessly change or duplicate them according to your accommodation. Case in point, you need to store your tweets in a CSV design on your drive. For this, you have to start Twitter and offer consent to IFTTT for entering tweets. After this, you have to conform and commission IFTTT to send your tweets to the drive. 

Drivetunes is a Google Chrome application that comes convenient for music indexes that you have saved on your Drive. 

You can effectively utilize this application provided that you have Google Chrome introduced in your framework paying little heed to the program rendition you are utilizing. This application is equipped for immediately identifying your media documents like M4a and Mp3 indexes archived inside the drive. A rundown of these media documents will be shown for simple review. To hear a melody you have to twofold click it. The UI of Drivetunes is basic with fundamental functionalities. It is intended for the individuals who are confounded with complex music space applications. 

google drive for Open Drive 

Open Drive comes helpful when you have to find freely accessible documents on the Google Drive. It is similar to a modified Google Chrome enlargement instrument that empowers to hunt down open records. Furthermore, you can even hunt down different drives like Skydrive, Evernote, Box and Dropbox and send it to your own particular drive. You have to recall that that hunting down extra administrations through this internet searcher will take more extended to showcase results. 

You can download your effects or send a connection to your drive. In the event that you are not fit to discover a particular report or seek thing then you can look for backing from Google+ group. 

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