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These days' businesses simply cannot afford not to have a Facebook presence ( social media ) - and that goes for home based businesses too. Here are some tips to tapping into Facebook's more than half a billion users.

Build a Facebook Fanpage is one of  Facebook Marketing Strategies
The first step is to set up a fanpage for your business that members can "like." Decide on the type of page you would like to create, for example for a product, service or overall brand, and assign it a name. Check the box that indicates that you have the authority to represent the page and click on "Create Official Page." Easy as that!

Once you've created your page you can customize and configure it to get it just right for you. It's a good idea to load a logo as your profile picture or even a photo if you want to put a face to your business. (Remember, people prefer to deal with people they recognize and trust). Next, start getting people to "like" your page and you're on your way to building a fan base.

Getting Customers 
The obvious place to start with building your fan base is to get all your friends to "like" your page. That's alright, but they will already be familiar with you and your business and there are still over half a billion Facebook users to reach. So having your friends see the page won't have the highest value as one of your Facebook marketing strategies.

One of the primary advantages of a Facebook page is the ability to connect with other Facebook users without them having to be a part of your circle of friends. If you already have a mailing list or a blog you can invite people to your Facebook page that way. Include the Facebook widget on your website too to direct people to your page,is one of the best " Facebook marketing strategies "

Always add your Facebook page link to your email signature and cross-link with your Twitter account if you have one to promote the page. If you want to pursue "likes" more aggressively and have the means, then consider purchasing a Facebook ad to promote your page to build your likes and page presence,we called social media tool

The Art of Engagement : social media
Engagement is one of the key Facebook marketing strategies when it comes to promoting your home based business. Give your fans a reason to visit your page by frequently adding interesting, unique and valuable content - at least daily.

Frequency of posting is important but content remains king. Inform and engage your fans and be careful not to pitch to or harass them. Facebook is more about flow of conversation and the art of enticement as opposed to hard selling. It's OK to tie in services or products where relevant, or announce launches and discounts, but don't use your page purely as a marketing platform. Doing this will look pithy and people will lose interest in your post.

What to Post On Your Page 
You can post anything of relevance. News stories; industry-related articles and polls ignite debate and commentary and all do well to start conversations with your fans. Visuals are very popular among social media users, so info-graphics and fun images will do well.

Providing tips, tricks and insight into your niche will also attract fans and incite feedback which goes a long way to building your community.

So here are a few simple Facebook marketing strategies that can help you better use Facebook in building your business. Applying these strategies along with other marketing techniques you are doing online, will increase your business exposure and chances for success.

Facebook Marketing, Facebook Marketing Strategies, facebook page, Social Media, Twitter



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