Affiliate programs are a dime a dozen these days but when it comes to The Customer Advantage things work a little bit differently. Today we'll take a quick walk through how things work in this particular opportunity.

Most members have no idea they can also earn money from the program. In fact many question how it's even possible to build any kind of income with something that doesn't cost you anything.

For three years this particular company has been developing it's products and, in a move which makes it significantly different to other home business opportunities, it's affiliate plan is firmly in second place when it comes to the priorities of the program itself.

The affiliate plan and the products go together hand in hand so to understand how to make money you first need to understand what you actually get from this program. As a member you receive tailored daily deals from local stores.

There is one telling difference between this program and other group buying schemes, such as Living Social and Groupon. This program kicks the discounts up to 50% to 90% off for the member, which is at least 20% higher discount than any others offer. Furthermore, the program was designed to help local communities and therefore it features many small, local businesses instead of just well known brands.

The quickest way to build any business is to financially reward existing members for telling their friends and others about it, and that's what this one does quite well.

By the time we reach the earnings opportunity here you should already have a good idea of how things work and this will stand you in good stead. As a member you also unlock the ability to make money. Every time you tell anyone else to join the program, via your own exclusive link of course, you are paid a 5% commission on whatever that member spends within the program, ever.

Many people wish they could find a way to earn money while helping others and in five years in online business this is the closest I have seen a company get. By telling others about the program and in effect helping them to save cash on everyday items, you are financially rewarded each time they do. Telling five or ten friends has massive potential benefits, as you can probably imagine.

Next comes the interesting part, where potential earnings get far more exciting for those willing to push themselves hard to build their business. Much like other businesses, such as Global Domains International, members also earn a commission whenever their referrals build their business, too.

As a member, you do not just earn a commission for referring other members. In fact, you earn the same amount of commission any time any of your referrals shares their business, too.

There is also an option to refer local businesses to the program. This option is perhaps for the more ambitious members, but it certainly has it's perks. By speaking to a local business and helping them to run a daily deal you do two things. Firstly the business will be able to reach a potentially massive new audience and it won't cost them a dime to use the program. Secondly you earn a 2% commission on every single sale the business makes. Better still, you make that commission every single time the business runs a deal.

Whether you have what it takes to make the most of The Customer Advantage opportunity depends on your drive and determination to become your own boss. The company has taken it's time and carved out an individual niche for itself but the fact is most people who try to make money online fail because they don't have the determination to push themselves long term.



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