How secure are you from Identity Theft? Think about how easy it is for people to get your information. They can get while you buy online. People get Stuff from your mailbox, your bank statements, your retirement fund. They can look you up on sites on the Internet.

Most people think that crooks can only get to their financial information. The deal is there are four other areas that they can wipe you out.

Medical ID theft. This is the fastest growing area. People are having medical treatment and surgeries done by getting someone else's insurance information. Along with fake IDs. The hospital does not know you. So if someone comes in with your information and their own photo ID. The sky is the limit.

Driver's License Identity Theft. Think about what people could do in a vehicle when they have a driver's license with their picture, your name and address and your number on their fake license. Drunk driving, an accident, maybe a whole lot worse.

I know that you take all the precautions you can to keep a careful eye on your Social Security number. This is your most important number. Now there are web sites on the Internet that will sell people your S.S. number. Can we make it any easier for the thieves.

How would you like to get a call from your bank to tell you that your checks are bouncing and your checking and savings account are both at $0. This one is called Financial Identity Theft.

There is one company that has been in business for over 40 years. A company that protects and restores your Identity and they cover you for about 43 cents per day. They cover spouse and kids under 18. They cover all areas. They do not have radio spots.

The newest problem is Child Identity Theft. Who would have thought. Stealing the ID of a child is easy and no one would know it for years. I'm guessing you have never even heard of this or you don't believe it. Don't underestimate the crooks.



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