Someone wrongs someone and they take them to small claims or civil court. The judge decides in their favor and awards them a court ordered judgment. The only rub is, they don't collect the money for the winner. They have a few choices: hire a lawyer or do it themselves. There is a third alternative: Judgment recovery services. This is what makes this a great business for anyone looking to make a great income at home.

The complete course material for this lucrative business is available online. You'll need to be able to set up business in an in-home office, efficiently. You'll want a high speed internet connection for your computer, a post office box, business directory and phone.

As your business grows, you will eventually want to have judgement recovery software in order to organize your accounts. A management system will keep track of your case judgements and clients as well as forms, etc.

Judgement Recovery Management software normally offers supplemental forms to the ones you are already using. Forms would include: Acknowledgement of Assignment, Acknowledgement of Satisfaction, Acknowledgement of Re-Assignment, Agreement for Assignment, Assignment of Judgment, Agreement for Settlement, Envelope Defendant, Envelope Court Clerk, Envelope Plaintiff, Letter Clerk, Letter Agreement Follow-Up, Letter Debtor Notification, Letter First Contract, Letter Debtor Notification California, Sheriff Instructions.

Judgment recovery courses differ in tuition. Some charge in the tens of thousands of dollars for weekend seminars and are more expensive than college courses. They bloviate, have CD's, DVD's, three-ring binders and cost dearly. Ours is one of the best and most cost and time effective judgment recovery courses are available on the internet that will put you into business.

A judgement recovery service will get your money for you with no charge to you. This is not the case with attorneys who charge a per-hour fee even if they are not able to get your money. Hence, recovery services are much more economical.

Having a judgment in your favor is like having a written IOU. It is your money. But if you don't collect it your debtor will walk free and you will have wasted your time taking that person to court. A judgment recovery agent makes recovery of that court judgment economically possible. And, there are very powerful ways to coerce a defendant to pay up.

The judgment recovery business has more judgment claims business available than any one person can handle. As the financial rewards of a business go, it is quite rewarding and the possibilities are endless for expansion and growth. And, just like any start up business, you are away from the secure job environment paycheck and have to live by your wits and have good work ethic. This is not get rich quick. You have to build up an income stream, and when you have it, you'll surprise yourself with how lucrative court ordered judgment contingencies can be.



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