YouTube marketing should be a vital part of your marketing practice. Placing a minimum of one video per week should be any marketers goal if you want to get the exposure you need, but just posting a video is not going to make it happen for you, here are 5 YouTube Marketing Tips to help get you seen.
  1. Be Yourself! This is so important, all of the top video producers agree that being yourself will make the video that much more believable and enticing, you are a great person, people will like you!

  2. Catchy Headline! Have you heard the saying "First Expression Matters"? Well, it does and if you want your video to stand out amongst over the 48 hours of video that is uploaded every minute, a catchy phrase is important. 48 hours of video every minute equals 8 years of video per day gets uploaded.

  3. File Name Matters! Don't fool yourself in thinking the name your movie gets uploaded as doesn't matter, it does play a big role in how the video gets indexed so prior to uploading that video give it a real name.

  4. Description, Description, Description! The description needs to have a link in it pointing back to your website or Blog or some sort of offering and the description needs to be keyword optimized.

  5. Post with a Purpose! Don't just start posting videos to be posting videos. Think out your strategy ahead of time and then follow it. Your strategy may need to be changed down the road, that's OK change it but stick to a plan and a schedule. What are your goals? Are you trying to get more Brand Awareness, More people to sign up for something like a newsletter? Whatever you want your end outcome to be always have that in mind so you aren't blindly posting videos.
So, with these 5 things in mind, go out there and show yourself off to the world. YouTube has over 8 Million unique visitors each and every month. Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month. Millions of subscriber buttons are pressed each and every day, so get your channel created, post videos, and grow your subscriber list. One more point to make is it takes time to build followers and see your views numbers climb, do not get frustrated in the beginning if you are not getting seen, keep at it and they will watch you. Just like a line from a movie "If you build it they will come." If you YouTube it they will see it.



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