Social Media Marketing has become an important part of online promotion. When working online marketing campaigns, you should always remember that you are not speaking to the masses, but to the individuals. You need to adapt, to be polite and professional to everybody. Of course, you need time to make your communication more effective on social media networks, but practice makes perfect.. This article has a great tips based on my own experience.
Research your competitors
This is one of the most common advice when it comes to marketing, yet many people don't do this at all. This simple strategy can help you to find more potential customers from your niche, also to learn about your competitor's trials and errors. If you thoroughly research what your competitors are doing, you will get ideas which you can implement into your tactics to engage your followers and turn them into a potential buyers.
Don't just rely on most famous social networks
I am sure most of you already have accounts on Twitter and Facebook, maybe even on Pinterest and Google+ as well. What about the "older" social networks? I am sure most of your competitors are not active on social networks such as MySpace, but these kind of networks still can be very beneficial to you. Craigslist is also a large social media website where you can take advantage over your competitors by participating on forums related to your niche. Remember, you will be missing out on a large market if you ignore these websites.
Video, video, video
Using video clips to promote your products is a great way to boost your rankings and engage your visitors even more. Make a video testimonial about your product. Be short and informative. Be humorous. People love to see your face, because that way they know who is the owner of the website. YouTube is the second large search engine, right after Google. People use to search for the product reviews in YouTube as well, not just on Google. Use that advantage. Make your YouTube channel. Upload short and informative videos and testimonials about your products. Don't forget to include a link to your website.
Also there is one great sneaky tactic - find your old articles and make a slide share presentation. Then make a video of it. Upload it to your YouTube channel and link to your social accounts. That way you will strengthen your campaign even more, because it will all be connected - videos, social accounts and website.
Your website is in the centre of your internet business because it is a place where you generate sales. Do not forget that. Social media marketing is a part of your online campaign where you get your potential buyers attention, but after they spot you, they will still need to click on your website and look for the further information about your products. Therefore, you need to include links to your website in your social accounts. It helps if you optimize other aspects of your profile such as picture description. You should keep track in spreadsheet about how many visitors clicked on each link. that way you will find out which tactics are the most efficient.
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