Empower Network is a home business with two customer levels, member and affiliate. Today we are going to look into both and help you to decide which one is better for your individual needs with the company.

There have been many success stories with this program over the last two years, many regular people have been able to build an income from home via it's earnings package.

But don't be fooled, of course. Just like any home based business opportunity there are also people who fail. In fact, there are many of them. For every success story there are probably five people who thought they could do it and failed...

To get the most out of your membership you must decide what you are actually planning to do with it first. Why are you looking into becoming a member? The company offers two membership levels, so it's important to pick the correct one.

While the majority of online businesses automatically include your affiliate plan with your products this one works a little bit differently. You can either unlock the products alone or the entire package. Perhaps this is an attempt by the company to show others that they believe their product has worth on it's own.

If your overall goal is to use Empower's authority blogging tools to brand yourself in a particular niche or gain more recognition in search engines for your existing business or brand, you will probably be more suited to the standard membership as it will allow you to do just that.

For those of you that want to be able to earn money with this program, however, you need the other membership level. The main issue we picked up on when we first came across this business is that it was unclear on price. You are led to believe it costs $25 per month but should you choose to be an affiliate you'll notice the price is actually $45 per month.

Before you make any decisions you should take some time to decide what type of member you need to be. A potential saving of $20 per month for a part of the business you might not need will mount up over the course of a year or two. Likewise, an extra $20 per month for something you intend to earn thousands with is peanuts. So take your time with that decision.

The affiliate option is there for those looking to build an income from home with the program. You hold the re-sale rights to your system and therefore you earn a cool $25 per month each time you refer others to the business via your website.

But don't get too excited. Remember, most affiliate in most home based business fail to make any money at all and this is no different. If you decide upon this route you need to treat it seriously and set out your plans in the same mentality you would if you were starting up a business in the real world.

Otherwise, all the potential in the world isn't enough.

And there you have the main differences between being an Empower Network affiliate and a customer. We think now you are able to see the various differences and the reasons a wide variety of people use the program for completely different reasons other than just trying to make money online.



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