Juneau Alaska, what a beautiful place! We're glad to call this our new home.

My wife and I grew up in the state of New York. We met, married and raised 3 beautiful children until they left home. Then about 3 years later, we left home for Alaska

The main reason we made the move was we found better job opportunities. Unemployment was new to me. I found myself between jobs and realized that I wasn't able to snap up a job like I used to be able to some years back. Alaska is behind the times in a good way. There are still jobs in my line of work in AK that was not available in NY state. Granted, from a nation wide point of view, Alaska does not have the lowest unemployment, but my wife and I still see more opportunity and a better possibility to earn a living in Alaska.

What are the most prevalent occupations in Juneau Alaska? Fishing, mining and government jobs are the most common. A general stereotype of the thirty five thousand people that liver here is that they are generally pretty well taken care of. There are plenty of nice cars, homes and spendable cash. To be fair, the population does seem to work hard to earn a living. Also, as in any city or state, the medicaid crowd is here. The large majority though seems to be doing well.

For years I have searched for an internet business, a way to make money via the internet, a more flexible way to earn a living. It was ironically after our move to Juneau that I found one. I will share it with you if you follow me to my site using the link below. You see, we are doing well with our work here but this should help us to do more things more quickly, such as buy a piece of property and/or purchase a boat. Also, and even more important, in these troubled times, I really want to be able to take good care of our parents and our children.

There just isn't enough land in Juneau AK for all the people here. This fifty mile long shelf or strip of land at about sea level is all that is livable. The mountains all along this strip of land rise quickly to an altitude of between 1800 and 4000 feet above sea level. To the east of this, if a person were to make the climb, and get over the glaciers, they would reach the Canadian land mass. This helps to explain why there is not enough property to go around. and why apartment prices range between 1200 and 1500 dollars monthly.

Why would I consider a boat with our anticipated increase in funding? Well, because of the property scenario, there are a lot of folks that have some very nice live aboard boats and have lived on board all of their life. In Juneau, it is a very reasonable respectable way to live. Unique, isn't it?



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